[Price Check] EMC horses

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How much is an original EMC horse worth? (Valens, Incitatus, Saltar)?

Poll closed Nov 15, 2013.
20k-30k each 6 vote(s) 50.0%
30k-35k each 3 vote(s) 25.0%
35k+ 3 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. So, I'm wondering what each unused promo horse( I think their all worth the same thing) be valued at?
  2. There is one going for 19k Saltar, and I heard of one selling it for 17k so it depends on the person honestly..
  3. I would say most of them fetch 20-35k depending on which horse. Incitatus tends to go higher if it has never been unegged.
  4. Was this an original egg?
  5. There are no unoriginal eggs.. Either used or unused. Unused = never spawned and still as lore; used = been spawned before and has stats instead of lore

    Unused = worth a lot more
  6. Sorry by original I meant unused, I meant original lore. Your right I should call them unused.:)
  7. I prefer used promo horses; I want to know the stats. You don't the stats until you spawn the horse. Many promo horses have poor stats apart from their one perfect stat.

    I have paid from 6k to much more for a used promo horse.

    If anyone has a used Valens for sale with good overall stats, I will buy it.
  8. yea, like my promo horse has 130 speed and 96 jump, im happy
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  9. ..the point of an unused horse is NOT to spawn it. Unused horses aren't meant to be used, they're just kinda cool things that people collect.
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  10. Fair enough, some people are collectors. Just adding my viewpoint.

    So, if you have these collectables, is it possible to display them? Otherwise, only the owner can see them.
  11. I would prefer to collect promo horses knowing their stats, for example, my Saltar with 116 Speed or spidey329's Incitatus with 96 jump. It just seems more valuable to me.
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  12. Or my Saltar with 126.7 speed. :) (which cost a lot).
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  13. I wonder who sold you that! I'm stumped..
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