[PRICE CHECK] Dragon Eggs

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  1. haven't been keeping up to date on my EMC price checking, but now that i'm uhhh "fabulously wealthy" I'm wondering how much a copied Dragon Egg might go for if anyone's willing to sell? Also curious as to whether I can afford one yet at all :p (though i think I can)

    Dragon Egg owners holla
  2. as far as i believe, around 1.6mil. But you'd need to find a seller :)
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  3. not fully sure but i believe 1.8-2mil to all the dragon owners feel free to correct me if im wrong XD
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  4. about 2 mil
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  5. well, looks like I might need to work on this a bit lol thanks though :)
  6. Well ac buys for 1.8 mill so there and up.
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  7. Just thought I'd add to this thread that Alex is now buying for 1.9 mil per, but I personally wouldn't sell one any less than 2 mil now
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  8. ..maybe you loan me one then so I can :D
  9. 1.6mil-2,2mil
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