[Price Check!] Dragon Eggs

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  1. Hey, everything in title. Thanks
  2. Probably around 500k
  3. I heard they were going around 600k, so its good to hear that its around 500k-Thanks
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  5. Lol hehe :) I saw that
  6. From what I have heard, people are having trouble buying them at 600k. So above 600k.
  7. People are just keeping them because they feel like dragon tombs update is coming out soon ;P

    (hence why samsimx [moderator] wants to buy 2 ;) )
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  8. I see dragon eggs skyrocketing once d-tombs comes out, then dropping in price dramatically. The risky part is that people all put their dragon eggs up for sale at once, and the price could not be as high.
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  9. I haven't posted in days....

    Anyways, the price should go up right when the dragon tombs get out as everyone wants them but as the time pass and more eggs get moving they'll drop down down

    EDIT: Yes olaf, beat me to my own post ._.
  10. Wait , so can you get dragon eggs from Dragoon Tombs?
  11. Yeah, I didnt know that either. I never really understood dragon tombs :3
  12. Yea , can someone please give a brief explanation what dragon tombs are? :p
  13. I don't understand much about it but I have 4 power stone fragments... they must be useful for something eventually...
  14. Dragon tombs are a new feature which will be added to empire minecraft probably in the year 5019. The idea is you go in the wild, kill enraged mobs to get dragon stone fragments, which you then use to craft into a dragon stone. You have to search the wild for a voucher, which you can redeem to take you to a dragon tomb, which requires either 4 or 5 people to enter. To enter a dragon tomb, you will require a voucher that you find, and a dragon stone. Once you have all that and people, you are in the tomb with provided gear and you have to fight a resik, or an ender dragon on acid. After that, you either win or loose. If you win, you get a dragon egg, and possibly tokens.
  15. Lol
    Based on the 2 to 3 years that have passed, late 2015 is my guess, and eventually Dragon Eggs will be affordable, but not for a while.
  16. Thanks ;)
  17. Only 3005 more years! Assuming it's still in the common era.
    Thanks for the explanation!