Price check Dragon egg

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  1. How much would a Dragon egg go for?

  2. 300k-500k normally, assuming you mean just a regular, plain dragon egg.
    Don't expect them to sell for as low as 300k, it's usually more than that.
    Plus, they are pretty rare, so once a person sets a price on their egg, it's not likely that they will be open to bargain.
  3. I'm not an expert on this sort of thing, but around 400k. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :p
  4. That's awesome :) I actually have a awesome story of how I got this egg XD
  5. Is it just me or did everyone else imagine kyzoy with a massive beard?
  6. back in the say when dragon eggs only costed 120k :rolleyes:
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  7. How'd you get it?
  8. A month or so after I joined empire someone was leaving and offered to sell a dragon egg for 9k, thinking it was a rip-off, I did not buy it..
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  9. He got it from a Party for free.
    Also /v Alexchance 4 sells em for about 700k.
  10. I actually found it in the frontier. It was in a small dirt hut and the signs sayed "Your welcome *****" It had a dragon egg and a saltar XD
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  11. Did the sign say anybody can have it?
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  12. Yes. There was a book in there that said this is for whoever finds it
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  13. Wow lol that is awesome
  14. lucky. just lucky. Have you played the lottery?
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  15. Wow, very generous of someone.
  16. I say u should find that person and about 400-600k