[Price Check] Double Chest of Quartz Blocks

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  1. Last time I checked they were worth about 100k... admittedly, it was quite a while ago last time I checked. How much (at the most) can I expect to get for a double chest of quartz blocks? Thanks guys. :)
  2. 70-80k? I am not on top of the market either, although I see people trying to buy them at 60k.
  3. Hmm... okay. I'mma try to get 80k for it. o_o Crazy thing is, I think the nether quartz ore blocks go for like 60k a DC. I could be wrong, cause it was an auction...
  4. I got 66k from that auction but normally a DC of ore is only about 50-55k
  5. You know, I'll probably just go down to 70k for the whole DC. o_o
  6. Okay, that DC of quartz block is no longer available, in case anyone saw and was interested. Thanks for answering my question. :D
  7. Im curious too. How much did it go for?
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  8. Ohh, sorry, I actually didn't sell it. I got an offer for 55k though, but I ended up giving it to someone who did me a favor. xP
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  9. Could I buy a SC?
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  11. Oh, I read wrong. I saw it as "I might end up giving it to someone"
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  12. Cost of an average nether quartz flake is around 4-6 rupees.
    4x4 = 16
    16x3456 = 55,296 rupees per double chest of quartz blocks
  13. Or 6x4 = 24
    24X3456 = 82,944 rupees per double chest of quartz blocks