[PRICE CHECK] Diamond Supporter Voucher

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by MakeAmericaGreat, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. I have bought this

    Diamond supporter for $10 and I would like a price check please.
    Edit: Sold em
    Edit Edit: I have bought another one. Should be here approx 1-10 days
  2. I would pay no more but no less than exactly 200k for it.
  3. How much did it go for? I would be interested in buying one.
  4. Well Whom are you giving it to?
  5. Myself.
    I have never been allowed to purchase any form of supporter and really want a/some extra res's.
  6. Okay please pay the 200k as I will redeem it on you. 1-5 business days but prob 60 mins
  7. K. I will not have 200k until later this week, please forgive. I am awaiting a payment of 120k from someone and 16k from two other people.
  8. Don't worry. It's a christmas gift from me. Giving you a loan.
  9. So you are redeeming it now? Thank you so much!!!

    I will pay you the 200k the moment I get it. ;)
  10. Yes.
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