[Price Check] Derelict Voucher + Dragon Stones

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  1. I seem to be unable to sell my Dragon Stones at my shop, even though they are only priced at 25k, which I thought to be the lowest on the market. Also I want to know how much a Derelict Voucher is worth. :)
  2. Derelict vouchers went to $100 on site and will continue to increase or be discontinued like the max res vouchers were. As EMC increases with popularity, derelict protection becomes more of a burden and we're probably looking at years before they add the dynamic res upgrade.

    If you bought $100 in rupees, thats 975k, or if you spent $200 half of that is 1.3m rupees... So real value is probably 1.2m, but market value since people can't get head wrapped around new price is currently 800-900k. If you're super lucky and find someone who has one and doesn't keep up on price, they might still sell for 600k. I'm guessing there are less than 5 active players holding onto one of these to sell though, I searched a long time for mine.
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  3. Some of them were given out at the Purple People Party, so it is almost certain that there are more than 5 active holders of them. I am sure that there are more out there who have bought them and have simply decided not to sell them, and of course there are some that have used them but I can imagine many people keeping theirs for the future perhaps. :)
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  4. u have the stones priced right just alot of people arent buying them currently (with fishmeal and bloodra1n flooding the shard market)

    i still have 1 derelict voucher but im saving it for something special even tho both of my accounts have it already
  5. Seems like very few of the 200 people that made the 80k member party got that as a reward. Fewer still would sit on it. I think if you went from server to server for the weekend and offered 3 mil for one, you wouldn't get 5 players responding over the whole weekend.
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  6. Not many got it but more than 5 I'd say... As for that second statement, you're probably right - generally because you may not find 5 people with one over that weekend. Even if you didn't find 5 people willing to sell, that doesn't mean people aren't hoarding them elsewhere and some people may be saving them for a rainy day. I am very sure of there being more than 5 of these vouchers. :)
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  7. a few savvy people (like myself) bought them when there was the 6 voucher for 100 dolla deal (three derelict and three res upgrades) so a few of the people that have one might have more
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  8. Flattering c:
  9. The Derelict Vouchers were about $30 at one stage weren't they? If so then I could imagine there being even more...
  10. I think you're right, I think I could get one for 1 mil but it's a matter of finding someone willing to sell.
    Thx, all I knew was fishmeal was taking 100k from me on a daily basis. :p
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  11. Usually I see derelict vouchers going for around 600k-700k on a good day, never have I seen one go for more than 800k though.

    Dragon stones are usually around 22k-25k, but with DT coming out, I expect there to be a pretty big influx in the price. Whether it'll be for the better or for the worse is beyond me.
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