[ Price Check ] DC of Lapis Blocks

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  1. What's the price for a DC of lapis blocks on 1.7 and the estimated price for 1.8?
  2. The most common price on lapis has previously been 4r per dust. making a DC of lapis Blocks 13,824.

    Though a few of us have been anticipating 1.8 and upping price to 6r per dust. = 20,736r per DC of Blocks.

    It will probably go higher.
  3. Calculations seem to be wrong, it's 124k at 4r per dust thing. This is blocks, not the individual peices.

    At 1.8 I calculated 186k.

    To me these prices look ridiculous though
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  4. scruffy i think didnt mean to say blocks but dust
  5. The price of lapis will only increase due to its requirement for enchanting not because everyone wants to build with it. Those buying in bulk will be hoarders or successful enchantment shops of which there are few (and I see fewer of those shops in 1.8 due to the complexities of book enchantments). In 1.7, lapis being sold at 4r per was fairly common. I see 4-5r as a reasonable bulk buy price in 1.8 (124-155k for your blocks). I'm sure if you held for individual buyers you could do better, maybe in the range of 6-7r per. 2000 has it at 9r so who really knows? But lapis isn't that hard to get and drops a ton per ore. Faced with too high a buy price, I'm sure most enchantment shops will be happy to mine their own or will spend the time finding new players selling cheap. We'll see.
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  6. Wonderful, that's what I need.

  7. That is correct, yes sorry. :)
    I shouldn't post while distracted.

    I'm thinking 8r per dust will be max price. I don't see myself paying more than 8r, it's simply easier to mine it. But it'll come down to supply and demand i guess. :) It's common enough that supply won't dry up.
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  8. I really think the price increase in 1.8 is overestimated. You only need ONE dust for enchanting, that's like; what? 4r? It's not like you're gonna need a DC for enchanting, because I guarantee nobody here is gonna enchant 3456 things..
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  9. Never underestimate people. *looks at FatAndyTheGreat*