[Price Check] DC of Emeralds

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  1. Title says it all, also do you think Emeralds will go up in price after 1.8?
  2. Find the price of 1, 25, time by 64, 1600, times that by 54, 86400. Best way to find out rather then making a thread.
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  3. Well if you read the post, you'd also find a question, that also poked at me.
  4. I did, but that isn't the title is asking. Anyways im not here to start some arguments, hope I helped ya out :D
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  5. Between 80k and 103k would be my guess. Prices from retailer to retailer and server to server vary. Getting 103k from it would require an enthusiastic buyer to be found.
    I'm not sure if they will go up when we go to 1.8. I've yet to see anything that would indicate and significant increase in price (increased rarity, or increased use). However I could be wrong.
    Hope this helps!
  6. Well I'm hoping with the increased difficulty in breeding villagers and the incapability to create infinite villagers would make Emeralds harder to obtain. Thoughts?
  7. I disagree. Players have extra villagers for trading. I have 7 villagers with the 24:1 paper.
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  8. Actually it is easier to get emeralds in 1.8 because any trade will refresh a villager, and you can get 2 emerald trades. Samsimx made a youtube video on it
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  9. your signature scares me
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