[Price Check] DC of Diamonds!

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  1. Wondering "how much a DC of diamonds is worth?"
    If you know just comment below, thanks!

    Yours sincerely

  2. After doing some calculations based on the highest and lowest prices I've seen diamonds go for, they could be anywhere between 225,000 (at 65 per) and 280,000 (80 per) (those numbers are rounded. :p ). Depending on what you sell yours at, you might want to make it around there. Although I'm sure some players offer discounts when purchasing them at that price. Also, auctions sometimes go higher than those prices, since it gives multiple people a chance to battle for the diamonds.
  3. 1 diamond × 64. # × 54 = answer.
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  4. I buy DCs of diamonds at /v 14932. :)
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  5. One diamond is worth just around 72rupees at the moment. - That sets the price for a DC at 248,832 rupees.
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  6. oh boy, this is gonna be good i nearly have 2 DC of diamond ores! =P whats the price of diamond ores???
  7. One diamond ore is worth just around 180rupees at the moment. - That sets the price for two DCs at 1,244,160rupees.
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  8. Holy mother of god................
  9. Woah, I need to be mining more, That's insane amounts!<'3
  10. Yes, but you have seen my DC of coal...
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  11. I got you beat boi! Redstone!
  12. I got both yalls beat! I have a DC if lapis!
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  13. I don't even have a DC of cobblestone yet. . . I'M A NOOB MINER :(
  14. Coal usually doesn't go for 18k.
    Neither do I.
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  15. Really? But you have a DC of coal?
  16. I had a DC of lapis blocks, but I sold that, and I (jay2a) turned my DC of redstone into obsidian so I could sell that.
    [EDIT]: I can't actually remember if it was lapis or lapis blocks, so let's just say it was some kind of lapis.
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  17. Yeah. When I mine I discard the cobble from my inventory for the space for coal/others. I do have a few DCs of stone though, that I can get in 15 minutes.
  18. Awh but I mean I probably haven't even made a DC of couple alt other even yet xD