[ Price Check ] Damaged Promos

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  1. Im curious if these are still worth something:

    - Damaged potato plate ( Diamond Chestplate 100K members ) about 20/30 damaged ( so 20/30 less "points" )

    - Damaged Chicken Skewer ( Diamond Sword 100K members ) also 20/30 points off

    - Damaged Sharpshooter ( Bow 100K Members) about 30/40 points off

    - Marlix Bow , Almost broken about 30 shots left.

    Thank you!
  2. Bump anyone? :)
  3. Ill buy the marlix bow for around 3k. If it has 30 shots left, it's pretty low
  4. Tough to price things like this as there really isn't a market for it. Basically take what ever the price is for an undamaged one and see what someone will pay for it below that price.
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  5. Sure ! Come to me sometime when you find me online :)

    Yeah I know, i just thought id give it a shot here x'D
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  6. When I tried pricing a 60k pickax, I was told that for each % point of durability subtracted from the item subtracts ~10% of the value. So you literally have to start paying people to take anything that is below 90% durability. I mean that is how it was told to me anyways.
  7. Shouldn't be the case... damaged promos will be worth less, and the more they are used the less they are worth, but they should still always be worth at least something :)

    It's very hard to pinpoint an exact price for any of these. It's worth what someone will pay for it at the end of the day. That's how I've always sold my used promos - just advertise, wait for offers and sell to the one I like most (usually the ones with more cash... :rolleyes:)
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  8. I buy damaged promos and use them in pvp

    Its cuz they cost less and idc weather my promos are damaged or not cuz its pvp so nothing needs to be nice and shiney
  9. Would it be fair to guesstimate a worth by %wear* price of no wear promo? Probably it just wont work for values close to 100%, but could be useful more worn stuff?