[Price Check] Collectibles

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  1. Items:
    Independence Day Firework (4th of July 2013)

    Empire Firework (4th of July 2014)

    Empire Firework (4th of July 2013)

    Labor Bench (2013 Labor Day Promotion)
  2. Wait... they released 2 fireworks on the 4th of july 2013??
  3. Yes. Independence Firework (red, white and blue) and the Empire Fireworks (random colours).
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  4. Anyone have prices?
  5. Fireworks usually are 10-15k in the year they are released. Then add about 5-10k for previous years. Only difference would be 2012 version as there are alot less of them and it was the first promo released.
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  6. 2013 Labor Benches are probably 40k per. The 2013 fireworks could fetch up to 30-40k per now, and 2014 being 10k cheaper than that I'd say :)