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  1. Hello people,
    I was just wondering how much each of these promotion items would be approximately worth. Here is a list:

    Empire Firework - 4th of July, 2015
    #Empire Firework# - EMC New Years, 2015
    (2x) Vault Voucher - Expands vault pages by 1
    Trick-or-Treat Bundle - Halloween, 2015
    Remembrance Poppy - Veterans Day, 2015
    <Dasher> Horse Egg - Holidays, 2015
    Labor Bench - Labor Day, 2016

    Note that all of these items HAVE NOT been opened or used at all. Thanks for your help!

  2. Voucher - 7k
    Dasher- 60k
    Bench - 13k
    Poppy - 20k
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  3. Okay thanks. Do you know anywhere I can sell these at shops? I don't want to auction it because I never know if I'm going to be online to give the items since I sometimes forget to play Minecraft. (ik I'm bad)
  4. Zion_moyer might buy some at his shops but you may not get the price you want. However id take that dasher off your hands.
  5. Sure, next time I get on Minecraft I'll setup a buy shop for it at my res. I probably won't be on for a while thought so sorry

    I might get on this weekend
  6. I kinda wanted to trade promos as i dont have much money lol
  7. oh ok lol
  8. Id buy the bench for 12901 :]