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  1. On average my auctions of a DC of blocks was about 310-400k. Might be harder to find some as most are making apples :p
  2. Facepalms. They just nerfed the crap out of notch apples, they're seriously wasting gold. Best thing to invest in is golden carrots, changes in saturation mechanics made them a way better food source.
  3. They nerfed them and that is why they are making them :p They won't be able to crap them anymore in 1.9. They can only be found or obtained before update :p
  4. Notch apples will only be found as dungeon loot in 1.9
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  5. No what I'm saying is they are also making them have less of an effect.
  6. They won't be using it. They would be selling it because of the rarity