[PRICE CHECK] Blizz ard's Nose

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Do you have a Blizz ard's nose?

yes 11 vote(s) 91.7%
no 1 vote(s) 8.3%
  1. How much is a Blizz ard's nose worth. :)
  2. 250k - but I haven't seen one sold in a long time.
  3. 400k-500k (High end prices)
  4. No..
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  5. It would be worth more if it finally got cold enough to use it.
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  6. Sold all mine for 225-250k.

    Never seen this, ever.
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  7. Yes, because I sell mine for 350k and some players ask for my spare ones and they ask for more then 400k
  8. I thought this was about blizz ards nose.
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  9. There's lots of rares shops and threads on the forum that sell for 200-250k.
  10. Edited the OP? Might have wanted to just list all the items in the first place if there was more than one. They are about 40-45k.
  11. At chrismas time, i sold one for around 300 k, that was when they were a hot item. I bought another a couple months later for around 200 k, give or take. I would say 250 would be a good sell price.
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  12. I've sold a couple for very high prices. It's a little shocking to me though because it's basically worthless right now. We still have no idea what it'll be used for.
  13. You can all be right. Price and worth can mean different things.

    As an example, I sell iron ingots at ~8 and buy diamonds at <110. It's commonly thought that ingots are worth 4 and diamonds worth 120. I'm getting a good price relative to what these items are worth.