Price Check: Beast Bow/ Only beast bow on EMC?

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  1. 3 words for you: Epic Beast Bow:

    How much is this worth and Is this the only beast bow on EMC?
  2. Nice Bow (But I have no clue what it could be worth maybe about 4000r
  3. Shanx! It took me 2 times to get it!
  4. 2nd best bow, or it might be the best one now because I'm not sure if you can get V anymore :s

    And well, 1.3 is out won't be worth that much. :)
  5. Pretty Beast.
  6. Whats 1st best bow :confused:
  7. I just sold that same exact bow but power 3 instead for 4k so =/
  8. Power V instead of IV
  9. xD

    EDIT: You cant get V in 1.3 :p
  10. Haha -- I've got one of those with power V :D

    *makes mental note not to swim in lava with her epic beast bow -- which I paid a lot for a while back.
  11. U paid, i enchanted...
  12. Yes. That enchant used to be rare. I imagine we'll be seeing a lot more beast bows around.
  13. So I got the 1st beast bow in EMC 1.3 :D
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