Price check- bane of arthropods V

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  1. Just got this, so I was wondering on the average price it sells for.
  2. Hmmm.... 9k or so...
  3. Totally wrong.
    I would say it would go for around 1k, its not a rare sword.
  4. Since its a V its about 3k
  5. Nooo....... A sharpness IV Knockback II Is worth 2.5k, so that means Bane of Arthropods is worth under that. Which means around 1k. So dont fiht the facts bro.
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  6. 750r by example
  7. these swords a quite common. I seem to get more of these than any other enchants with swords
  8. Same.
  9. Hard to price check swords. Be useful to someone grinding spiders for xp . . . or someone afraid of spiders. :D
  10. I sell it for Like 850 :D
    In 10105 smp 5
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