[PRICE CHECK] All Of MY Promos/Special Items!

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by CadenMann, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    I recently had an un-successful attempt at a price check, but now I have more! Here we go:

    12 ESCDs
    1 Remembrance Poppy
    10 Feast For a King Papers
    2 Holiday Candles
    1 2014 Turkey Slicer
    24 Dragon Stone Frags
    64 Cooked Turkey
    2 2014 IDay Fireworks
    8 2014 Empire Fireworks
    1 New Years 2012 Firework
    2 Maxarian Heads
    1 Regular Aikar head
    2 Avalaunchers
    1 Dancer Egg, Unused
    12 Spooky Eggs
    8 Headless Horseman Masks
    2 2013 Haunted Heads
    1 IDay 2014 boots chest
    1 IDay 2014 Freedom Blade Chest

    I am also selling all these items, so shoot me a PM if you'd be interested in buying!

  2. Rough estimate pricing/range for each item you have listed:

    ESCD 25k
    Remembrance Poppy 10-15k
    Feast For a King Papers 25k
    Holiday Candles 5-10k
    2014 Turkey Slicer 50k
    Dragon Stone Frags 2.5k
    Cooked Turkey 1k
    2014 IDay Fireworks 15k
    2014 Empire Fireworks 25k
    New Years 2012 Firework 35k
    Maxarian Heads 15-20k
    Regular Aikar head (I cannot price this item)
    Avalaunchers 300k+
    Dancer Eggs 20-25k
    Spooky Eggs 20-25k
    Headless Horseman Masks 20-25k
    2013 Haunted Heads 25-30k
    IDay 2014 boots Chest 30-35k (unsure on chests)
    IDay 2014 Freedom Blade Chest 45-50k (unsure on chests)