[Price Check] All of my promos And miscs

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  1. Please Tell each items price.
    and dont mind to sale or buy

    Avalauncher x2
    Bilzz nose x2
    3 Stack of cooked turkey
    netherhound x1
    used insitus x1
    used dancer x1
    Hoilday candle x3
    Marlix bow (almost full durabilty) x1
    2015 new year firework x1
    vault voucher x2
    stable voucher x6
    Feast for a king x6
    Marxican head x1
    2014 labor bench x1
    eggcellent egginfial wand x1
    Rememberable poppy x1
    Dragon Stone x3
    Tales of Ethernia x1
    Headless Horseman Mask x1
    2014 new year cake x1

    Flaming Mob launcher x1
    ESCD x4
    dancer x1
    2014 Turkey Slicer x9
    Lucky Bow x2
    Ham hacker x1
    Freedom blade x1
    cupids bow x1
    Ore buster x1

    P5 Knockback2 Inf Flame2 God bow x5
    1DC of quartz block
    1SC of Lapis Block
    1DC of Glowstone
    Ghast Head x4
    2DC of saddle
    1SC of diamond
    1SC of Unb3 enchbook
    1DC of redstone Block
    8 Beacons
    1DC of gold barding
    My head

    Please tell price of each items, than thanks a lot!
  2. these would be worth alot, as far as I know they dont even exist. Dont you mean 2014 fireworks? :p
    Besides that, these are a lot of things and there are better people than me to give you some prices.