[Price Check] All My Promos and Rares

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  1. Hey Everyone, Ive got quite a few Promos/Rares that i would like price Checked
    Please note im not selling just wondering there worth
    So here they Are
    1x Full marlix Set
    1x Full old tutorial starter set
    1x Full new tutorial starter set
    1x Ore buster Unused
    1x Holiday pick unused
    1x Independence
    1x ham hacker
    1x 2013 turkey slicer
    1x flaming mob launcher
    1x Freedom blade
    1x Freedom blade Chest
    1x E.S.C.D
    1x Rose Bouquet
    3x Love potion no.9
    2x cupid unspawned
    1x Cupid spawned
    6x Cupids Bundle
    2x New cupids bow
    1x old Cuipds bow
    1x All fireworks from 2012 to 2014.
    1x 2013 labour day bench
    1x 2014 labour day bench
    1x marixian head
    1x Aikar Economay Destorying Drop party head
    1x Rememberence Poppy
    1x Haunted head
    1x Headless horseman mask
    1x Lucky bow
    1x Dragon stone Fragment
    1x Dragon Stone
    1x Avalauncher
    1x Dragon poop
    1x Super dragon poop
    1x cooked Turkey
    1x Taste the freedom
    1x IcC flesh
    1x IcC skin
    1x Nether hound egg
    1x Magical eggcellent wand
    1x Diamond Supporter "Gift"
    1x Vault voucher
    1x Stable voucher
    1x ICC birthday voucher
    1x feast for a king
    1x EMC treassure Voucher
    1x Spawned Salter
    1x Spawned valens
    1x spawned rudolfph
    1x Unspawned Dancer
    1x Spawned Dancer
    1x Spooooky Egg
    1x Holiday candle
    1x Normal Krysyyjane9191 head
    Here are some Screen shots.

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  2. Overall maybe 3-3.4mil
  3. Each items price.
    Not 100% correct

    1x Full marlix Set - About 300~360k
    1x Full old tutorial starter set - l cant price it
    1x Full new tutorial starter set - 10k?
    1x Ore buster Unused - 180k
    1x Holiday pick unused - 80k
    1x Independence - what is this?
    1x ham hacker - 30~35k
    1x 2013 turkey slicer - 40~50k
    1x flaming mob launcher - 160k
    1x Freedom blade - 25k
    1x Freedom blade Chest - 52k
    1x E.S.C.D - 25~30k
    1x Rose Bouquet - l cant price it
    3x Love potion no.9 - 30k?
    2x cupid unspawned - 15k?
    1x Cupid spawned - 8k?
    6x Cupids Bundle - 55k
    2x New cupids bow - 9k
    1x old Cuipds bow - same. 9k
    1x All fireworks from 2012 to 2014.
    2012 - 45~50k
    2013 - 25~35k
    2014 - 15~25k
    about this price.
    1x 2013 labour day bench - 25~30k
    1x 2014 labour day bench 14~19k
    1x marixian head - 20k
    1x Aikar Economay Destorying Drop party head - l cant price it, at least 200k+
    1x Rememberence Poppy - 8k
    1x Haunted head - 20k
    1x Headless horseman mask - 25k
    1x Lucky bow - 30k
    1x Dragon stone Fragment - 1.5k
    1x Dragon Stone - 13k
    1x Avalauncher - 200~250k
    1x Dragon poop - 30k
    1x Super dragon poop - 30k
    1x cooked Turkey - 600r
    1x Taste the freedom - 1k
    1x IcC flesh - 3k
    1x IcC skin - 3k
    1x Nether hound egg - 70k
    1x Magical eggcellent wand - 15~20k
    1x Diamond Supporter "Gift" - l cant price this
    1x Vault voucher - 12k
    1x Stable voucher - 9k
    1x ICC birthday voucher - l cant price it
    1x feast for a king - 20k
    1x EMC treassure Voucher - about 30~60k
    1x Spawned Salter - 90k
    1x Spawned valens - 90k
    1x spawned rudolfph - 60k
    1x Unspawned Dancer - 30k
    1x Spawned Dancer - 20k
    1x Spooooky Egg - 20k
    1x Holiday candle - 10k
    1x Normal Krysyyjane9191 head - l cant price it
  4. Ehhh... I believe treasure vouchers are 100k+:)
  5. Thanks guys, seems I forgot to add to the end of the independence that it was the chest plate
    So its means to say independence day chest plate
  6. Wow you have quite the collection, i would say in total at least 2 mil but not for sure. Do you know how much a full set of Independance armor is worth by any chance?
  7. I Believe Each peice of the armour is worth 40-50k last i checked and the sword is worth 60k i think so like
    220k-270k? if i did my math right,
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