[Price Check] All my museum stuff

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How much is this collection worth?

Less than 1 mil. 3 vote(s) 30.0%
600k-700k 0 vote(s) 0.0%
800k- 7 vote(s) 70.0%
  1. So as the title says I'm looking to appraise my museum, not looking to sell any of it, I just think it would be cool to have a total value. Please do not just give a random approx. number. If you know how much a certain item should go for please just comment below, and if you happen to think you know how much all the items will go for, please break it up into individual item prices. Thanks!
    Also if you feel like guestimating please just vote.
    Please Disregard the Vote, I posted too early
    The list of items:

    2 used icitatus'
    1 unused incitatus
    2 used saltars
    1 unused saltar
    2 used valens'
    1 unused valens
    Feather Falllling Boots
    Cactus Pants
    Bullet Proof Vest
    Big Daddy Helmet
    Everlasting Axestopper
    Ore Buster
    Flaming Mob Launcher
    Supporter Gift
    Vault Voucher
    Treasure Voucher
    Stable Voucher
    Promo Instructions
    Cake Parkour Voucher
    2 Netherhound Eggs
    Starter Gear
    2 2012 Empire Fireworks
    2 Independence Day Fireworks
    2 4th of July Empire Fireworks
    2 2013 Empire Fireworks
    Haunted Head
    Turkey Slicer
    Labor Bench
    Super Dragon Poop!
    Dragon Poop
    Valentine's Gift
    Aikar's DP Valentine's Gift
    Holiday Pick
    Unused Rudolph
    Used Rudolph
    Marlix's Boots
    Marlix's Leggings
    Marlix's Armor
    Marlix's Helmet
    Marlix's Bow
    Momentus's Toothpick
    RobbieJoe Head
    Shaunwhite Head
    Bitemenow Head
    Dwight Head
    Bonzd Head
    Chickeneer Head
    ICC Head
    5weety Head
    Aikar Head
    Icecreamcow's Special Eggnog
    Dragon Egg
    Arena Blade #8
    T Virus Vaccine
    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock
    Horse ManEwwEr- priceless
  2. ... Bro das' like 1.5 milliez
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  3. What type of supporter gift?
  4. Diamond of corse
  5. Would be what I'd say^^^
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  6. ^^^
    That pretty much sums it up.
  7. 2 used icitatus' 15k (ea)
    1 unused incitatus 20k
    2 used saltars 15k (ea)
    1 unused saltar 18k
    1 used valens' 13k (ea)
    1 unused valens 16k
    Feather Falllling Boots 19k
    Cactus Pants 18k
    Bullet Proof Vest 20k
    Big Daddy Helmet 25k
    Everlasting Axestopper 15k
    Turfinator 25k
    Ore Buster 45k
    Flaming Mob Launcher 25k
    Supporter Gift (diamond) 150k
    Vault Voucher 15k
    Treasure Voucher 18k
    Stable Voucher 12k
    Promo Instructions 15k
    Instructions 4k
    Cake Parkour Voucher 4k
    2 Netherhound Eggs 8k (ea)
    Starter Gear 1-2k (set)
    2 2012 Empire Fireworks 27k
    2 Independence Day Fireworks 14k
    2 4th of July Empire Fireworks 15k
    2 2013 Empire Fireworks 12k
    Haunted Head 8k
    Turkey Slicer 12k
    Labor Bench 8k
    Super Dragon Poop! 25k
    Dragon Poop 20-40k (ranges because I unno)
    Valentine's Gift 40k
    Aikar's DP Valentine's Gift 15k
    Holiday Pick 25k
    Unused Rudolph 12k
    Used Rudolph 8k
    Marlix's Boots 25k
    Marlix's Leggings 25-30k
    Marlix's Armor 40-50k
    Marlix's Helmet 30-35k
    Marlix's Bow 30k
    Momentus's Toothpick 25-30k
    RobbieJoe Head Uncertain.
    Shaunwhite Head 1-5k (trades with whoever asks)
    Bitemenow Head Considerable amount.
    Dwight Head Considerable amount.
    Bonzd Head 1-5k (trades with most who ask I think?)
    Chickeneer Head 1-5k (same as bonzd)
    ICC Head 30-50k
    5weety Head 1-5k (same as bonzd)
    Aikar Head 70-80k (considering it is shiny version?)
    Icecreamcow's Special Eggnog 120-180k
    Dragon Egg 350-400k
    Arena Blade #8 200k
    T Virus Vaccine 100k
    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock 60k
    Horse ManEwwEr- priceless Highlancer can decided that :p

    All just rough estimates. No definite prices but hopefully that is a good guide!
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  8. Fdny, why do you say the instructions are worth only 4k, I don't really have any back story on them so I assumed it was pretty rare
  9. I have 4 of the blue named instructions, and I bought 16 of them at 100r each, sold a load for about 1k each, and I bought one recently for 4k, so I say 4k :)
  10. Ok, do you remember where and when you bought them, I would like to add the info. to the museum
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  11. Aikar had a random impromptu drop party once. He gave away TONS of vouchers (Vault and Stable I think) and then people were asking him to make the instructions pages from /promo available in a shop sign. As a joke, he put up the instructions in blue writing for sale. Apparently, he did not realize they were special until someone told him, because he thought they came out blue in the anvil, I unno, but /spawn at /server smp1 was where it was at after Aikar's DP because people wanted the instructions xD
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  12. Hope you don't mind if I quote you
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  13. Yes said exactly. Aikar had a DP then at /town sold joke instructions...:)
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  14. turkey slicer 12.5k
  15. Not bad, but here's what I would say. :)

    R0bbieJo: 50k
    Shaunwhite: 0-5k, depending on how willing someone is to trade head
    Bitemenow: 10k (exact value)
    Dwight Head: 65k?
    Bonzd: I thinik fairly rare, so maybe 50-60k? I gottta check that.
    Chickeneer: See Shaunwhite
    IcC: 25k-45k, not as rare anymore. :p
    5weety: See Shaunwhite
    Aikar: 70-80k. enchanted and with lore
  16. Can I buy Chickeneer's head
  17. None of it is for sale. This is not a sale thread. This thread has already been answered :O
  18. :O