Price check: Aikar's Head

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by fishmeal, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. I don't know a price, but nice 41 levels...
  2. They are fairly rare, but not as rare as some of the newer items. It is believed that there are a stack out there, but I don't believe that is confirmed. I'd estimate 150-200k, but I could be very wrong. :)
  3. Thanks hashhog3000.
    Is there anyone else who thinks they can estimate or who can confirm a sale or two happened?
  4. I would say 70k
  5. Any reason?
    Just trying to learn. It doesn't seem like many of these have been sold, and none on the forums.
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  6. Personally I have 9 of these.

    I see them go from 50k to 60k currently.
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  7. Thats what I feel is what they go for, I havent seen any go for above that though
  8. If you have 9, you're the best source of them. How much to make you part with one? 60k?
  9. I don't sell anything atm, just hanging out waiting for the pricess to go UDDERLY INSANE ;3
  10. Well if hashhog3000 is correct you own more than 1/8th of these. I think you can set the price soon enough. :D
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