[Price Check] Aikar Head, Max Head, Starter Kit and Lucky Bow

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  1. Hello there :)
    I have a few items of significance and I was just wondering if some people could help me understand what they are worth. The items are:

    Aikar Head (From Drop Party)
    Max Head (The fire one)
    Starter Kit
    Lucky Bow

    Any help or insight would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I've seen Aikar heads sold in the 30-40k range.. As for the lucky bow I honestly don't know the price, since it keeps fluctuating but I'd say around 18k. Maxiaran heads are worth 9-11k.

    Hope this helps :)
  3. Thanks for your feedback!

    I'm still looking for more feedback, so bump!
  4. aikar head 40k
    starter kit 1.5k
    max head 8k
    luckybow 18k
  5. Aikar head I'd say around 30k
    starter maybe 1k-ish
    max probs around 10k
    luckybow i'd say 25k

    This is howmuch I value the promos' even though I don't buy/sell them.
  6. Which Starter Kit, new or old? If you can't tell, what level of Unbreaking does it have?
  7. It has unbreaking 1 :)

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!
  8. Is it soulbound?