[Price Check] A pair of horses

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    *These are legit horses and I breed them regularly.
  2. I don't think these are allowed? Because horse speeds aren't supposed to go above 130 by default. I think these are acquired by speed splashing the horse, then eggifying it, which if I recall, isn't allowed.

  3. Like I said, if you saw. I got these horses legally and if they had that splash potion when I tried to ride them they would go back to original stats.
  4. I don't think you can get that kind of stat out of a legit horse by plain breeding. You'd have to have had a illegitimate horse at first to even breed that high of a speed? I guess that's technically legal, because it's just offspring, not the one that was cheated on. Then again, I'm not a horse mall owner :p
    I'd personally pay around 4-8k for a horse like this.
  5. I got a horse with 300 speed once xD
  6. I didn't breed them, I got it as a gift from a dear friend, Aikar once said you can get a horse like this in the wild, but it's VERY VERY rare.
    From splash potions?
  7. Mhm. I was one of the first to do it, made a lot of money off of it, but when it was patched I did the honorable thing and returned all the money.
  8. Thats good. You can't even do it anymore, it doesn't work.
  9. I know.
  10. I think these are considered "God Horses" and would be worth about 10k each? Just a estimate
  11. They may have an incredible speed, but they're really badly hindered with the jump stats. I wouldn't pay more than 8k for one of them, even if money wasn't an obstacle.