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  1. Hey EMC, just wondering could I get the prices of these items?
    Nether stars
    Prismarine shards, crystals, bricks, blocks, dark prismarine
    Sugar cane, wheat, carrots, potatoes, melons, pumpkins, beet roots, cacti, chorus
    Fruit and chorus flowers
    Steak, beef, chicken, raw chicken, pork, raw pork, mutton, raw mutton, leather and all the different wool colours. Sorry for long list, wanted to get an idea on a good few
    Items :)
  2. Hey crazyminerpete,

    That is quite a list you have there. And to be honest, the answers you receive could vary depending on who replies, and from what market (SMP) they usually trade in. There could be some generalized range of prices that are accurate for right now, but what happens in a week or two when your curious again?

    I am a firm believer in teaching one to fish vs. giving away fish :)

    Thanks to an awesome and really dedicated Empirean by the name of Azoundria, I can make a recommendation that is like teaching you to fish vs. that alternative that comes with an expiration date. Azoundria operates a shop on every SMP if I am not mistaken, and has one of the most comprehensive networks of resources that I have seen in the Empire. Beyond all that praise is the tool that Azoundria created to help not only himself succeed, but also aspiring would be shop owners. I found this, and have shared it with my daughter LadyJaye (Proud Proprietor of Horse Shoe Plaza [ /v +HSP ] on SMP2 ), and it has helped her to make sure she is offering her goods at a fair price to her patrons.


    I hope this tool is as helpful to you as it is to my family with our shopping and trading in the Empire.

    Thanks again for such a nifty tool Azoundria :)
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  3. I did consider using Azoundria however i'd heard people say it wasn't very accurate? Maybe that was just rumours
  4. Problem is that most people don't use his "auto reader" feature
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  5. Whats that?
  6. Yes it is a very clever website. However the auto reader being underused leads to it being somewhat out of date. Anyone can enter info even if they don't have a shop. It will just look through your purchase history. Also unline EMC shop keeper I can't find it anywhere in the wiki so there is that too.
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