price check [A few Promos]

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Do you like Potatoes?

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  1. Heya was wondering how much these promos are worth individually, please note that I will not be selling any of them :)

    1. IceCreamCow Special Eggnog
    2. Tales Of Eternia book
    3. Book Of Colours
    4. Ore Buster 60k Item
    5. Turfinator 60k Item
    6. Incitatus (used)

    Thank you for any reply's :D
    Have a great day ;)
  2. 1.8 million for eggnog 120k for book of colors, tale of e is 1 million, 280k for ore buster and 250k for turinator
  3. oo thanks :)
  4. Haven't been that active in the promo business lately so I'd get a few more responses before assuming these are the prices. :p
  5. alrighty :p i always like to have a few prices thrown at me anyway :p
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