[Price Check] A Few Promos and Misc. Items

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  1. Turkey Slicer (2015, though I don't think the years matter on these...)
    Blizz Ard's Arm
    Enraged Guardian egg
    Cupid's Arrows
    Ocelot Head
    Zombie Head
    Skeleton Skull
    Wither Skeleton Skull
    Zombie Pigman Head
    Cave Spider Head
    Spider Head
    Slime Head
    Magma Cube Head
    Blaze Head
    Enderman Head
    Cooked Turkey
    Name Tag
    Feast For a King paper
    Shiny Flesh
    Shiny Arrows
    Meteor Bow
    Cami's Birthday Head!

    Any idea what these items are worth?
    I have two of Cami's Birthday Head, I'm just not sure if I wanna sell it. So I suppose I'll just look at it's price. The rest are miscellaneous items I'm thinking of selling but have noo clue about market price. XD
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  2. Blizz Ard's Arm - 20-30k
    Avalauncher (Which version? dated or not dated - non dated one is about 30k or so; dated is more)
    Enraged Guardian egg - 20-30k
    Cupid's Arrows - 5k per stack
    Cooked Turkey - 250r each
    Feast For a King paper - 13-18k
    Meteor Bow - 8-10k

    Cami's Birthday Head! - Not sure on this one. First I've heard of it lol

    Wither Skeleton Skull - 4k I think

    Zombie Head, Skeleton Skull, Zombie Pigman Head, Cave Spider Head, Spider Head, Slime Head, Magma Cube Head & Blaze Head - These are very common; maybe a couple 100r each

    Ocelot Head - Harder to get, maybe a few k.

    Enderman Head - I wanna say 4k+

    Name Tag - 250r I think
    Shiny Flesh, Shiny Arrows - very common, few 100r
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  3. Thank you iKloned!

    A few more items here....

    • Misc. Player Heads (I have lots of random player heads...)
    • Dragon Stone
    • Haunted Candy
    • Dragon Stone Fragment
    • Starter Chestplate (Used)
    • Starter Sword (Used)
    • Zombie Virus
    • Marlix Chestplate
    • Turkey Slicer
    • 2015 Labor Bench
    • Dirt Destroying Tick Tock
    • Ghast Head