[Price Check] A few Player Heads

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  1. Just a short price check for the following player heads.

    Deathtomb8953's head. Former Staff
    ISMOOCH. Former Staff
    Aikar's 12/23/13 Event Head. Lead Developer
    krysyyjane9191's head. Community Manager
    IcecreamCow's head. Former Founder

    Thanks for "checking" in. lel I'm so funneh...

    Anyways thanks for answering this price check thread.
  2. Death sold his 50k each bck in the day, but now he is gone so maybe 75k?
    All Admin heads except maxarias apparently are worth 300k+
    Jane's regular head is more rare then the PVP one I do believe, you would have to ask her. I believe she said she keeps track of people who have her regular head.

    ICC's head- Priceless because I personally will never sell mine because he is gone now, others may say differently.

    If I told him bad prices, correct me pls.
  3. Deaths: near 60k probably
    Smoochs: i sold one for 20k i think
    Aikar event head: probably near 50-70k
    Krysyy head (regular): i see go for 200 - 250k
    no clue about Regular icc heads, ive never seen one sold, but i think the Valentines icc heads go for a couple hundred thousand
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