[PRICE CHECK] A couple stuffs

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by CadenMann, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. HOLLA!

    It's caden here, with some more stuff I've been saving :D here it goes:

    4 ham hackers, 4 spooky eggs, a iron supporter voucher, 2014 IDay firework, 4 cooked turkeys, 1 rememberance day poppy and a MrSocks75 autograph, a luckygreenbird head, a Rainbowchin head, an aikarias head, a forumuser head and a moonbowchin head.

    That's all folks! Please get back ASAP!
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  2. Ham hackers: 20k each
    Spooky eggs: 18k each?
    Iron supporter voucher: 60k
    2014 firework: 15k
    4 turkeys: 1k each
    remembrance poppy: 10k
    Autograph: 300
    Heads: 10k as a set
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  3. Spooky eggs range from 15k-18k depending on the buyer.
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