[Price Check] 50 DC's of sugar cane

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  1. The title says it all I have 50 DC'S of can sitting on my resume doing nothing XD
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  2. On many servers, there are free-cheap sugarfarms, often selling a SC worth of cane for nothing, or up to 50r (usually). So if you're selling 50 DCs to someone who knows about them, it would probably be worth 0-5000r plus whatever extra they may add just for you gathering all of it
    For people who don't know about the farms, they usually buy sugarcane between 5r and 20r per stack, which would be between 13500r and 54000 for 50 DCs

    (More Complex Estimation. Skip if you want)
    Let's assume that 75% of people know about the farms, and 25% don't
    Assume that all prices are bought equal amounts of the time by the corresponding people
    Also, assume all events are independent
    So .75*0+.75*5k+.25*13500+.25*54000= Estimated MAXIMUM selling price of 20625r

    So if you take everything into account (both estimates) , the expected selling price is between 4k r and 18k r

    Hope this helped and also made a bit of sense.
    Best of luck selling your items!

    Edit: I would suggest doing an auction, with a starting price of 8k-10k, and hope that it'll go up from there. Who knows, maybe someone wants to fill their res with sugarcane from bedrock to max height...
    (Although after doing the math, 50DCs is 172800 items, and on a 60x60 smp res, that's only 48 blocks high, not including water, so they'd really need over 250 DCs to do that, again not including water)