[PRICE CHECK] 4 DCs of DIFFERENT player heads

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  1. Hey,
    As the title reads - 4 DCs of DIFFERENT player heads
    How much are they worth and can someone recommend a starting price for an auction
  2. Now I'm no expert on player heads, but I think we would need to know who the heads are of in order to determine the value.
  3. The name of the players will be listed in the auction- however I can confirm there are no staff heads in them , so they are just normal player heads
  4. Probably:
    Regular Players: 15k
    Regular Players;Some rare: 20k-ish
    Rare;Supporters;Some players: 40k-ish (might be too high)'

    [EDIT: I think these are good because i dont have many rupees, never bought anything expensive, so ya know]
  5. Don't player heads usually go for 100-200r?
  6. Player heads vary. I've seen no mod Dcs go for 2k and I've seen them go for 10k

    One mod head in a dc can make it 80k
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