[price check] 2015 Aikar head and Signature

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  1. I have seen alot of differnt prices for these but im not sure witch one is the right one :p

  2. I've seen 300k (roughly) for the sig, which makes sense because there are only 16. My guess on the heads is that they go for the same price as the Purple Aikar Heads, as there were only 32 dropped as well. (I don't know an exact price on these, though :/)
  3. Still looking for more opinions :D
  4. Cadenman2002 sold his sig and head for 600k each. :)
  5. Technically he sold them for a total of 1.2 mil, not 600k each, and I still think that that was vastly overpriced. :) I'd put the head at 200k and the signature at 400k. :)
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  6. *people are buying for 600k each. :p
  7. But... one is twice as rare as the other... what... just math.
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  8. I like the idea of them BOTH as 600k XD I mean, us players make the promo economy how it is, and it seems most players are wanting to stick to that price.
  9. Can confirm. I was mistaken. The prices in the economy are still altering, so the set price is very shaky right now.
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  10. wait, 600k for a 2015 aikar head?
  11. No
  12. Tbh, There is no price for ANYTHING on Empire Minecraft. Price is determined by who wants it and how bad they want it. If I want diamonds but don't need them that bad, Ill pay scraps for it and vice versa if I needed them that bad and was in dire need, I'd pay a hefty amount to max value.

    So to those saying "NO IT IS THIS" or "YOU'RE WRONG, I SAW FOR THIS", you forget supply and demand rules. Sure there may be only 16 or 32 of whatever out there making it rare but if nobody wants it, then the price is low, but if many want it, then the price is high. So how about this. I'll start off with a simple question to determine a medium price factor. How many people in this thread/forums want this signature/head? Quote my post with your response.
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  13. I recently paid 300k and a gold supporter voucher for a book. Tales of Eternia are a set of 32 and sold for around 600k for a while. Obviously comparing the rarity of the two doesn't make sense with the prices given. I would have bought one for 700k, because I love collecting, but I could see someone trying to weasel one for just 200-300k.