[price check] 2012 new years firework

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Ariesis, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. price? want to buy pm me.
  2. First ever promo I believe. I think it's about 50k or more.
  3. Should be more since its a 2012 promo, no? Especially if it's one of the first promos released. I got me a 2013 new years firework for 50k the other day, but hey, I'm not a pricing expert. :eek:
  4. Probably more for sure. Last time I seen one of these was when I bought it for 40k over a year ago. It is the first promo and I'm sure not many were released, so those 2 probably make it worth more. The fact that it's a firework though. Only really has 1 use and it's has unlimited uses might not make the price super high.
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  5. so what would be the max price? should i sell it? i also got it for free :)
  6. Not sure. No. Score! :D
  7. ok so no sell ok but is this considered a very rare promo?
  8. Probably not like ICC Eggnog type rare. Just back then there was no where near the amount of people there is now so there was probably alot less purchased.

    As for selling. It's up to you. Personally I like having 1 of each promo so I would never sell it.
  9. alex chance sells the same one for 75k. idk i needt he money but im getting diamond today so im not sure