[PRICE CHECK] 1x IDay armor set, 1x IDay sword, 3x EMC Bday cake

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  1. Title says it all :) please post your opinion on the prices. Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 10.47.00 PM.png
  2. Oops I'm so sorry, it's in the wrong forum posts, if a mod could remove or move it to the right forum that'd be great :).
  3. Well, if anyone could give estimates on the price.. I guess a mod won't look at this, but again sorry for posting it in the wrong forum area.
  4. At the time that they were all originally available, your set would be worth about 110,000r. (15k per armor, 10k per cake, about 20k for the sword)
    But now that they're no longer available, I'd say a 25%-50% increase would be fair, which would be about 137,500r-165,000r.
    This is just my personal opinion, based on original prices, and then compounded with an increse usually seen with promos within the time that's passed since they were released. Also keep in mind that the full I-Day set (which is what you have, minus the fireworks) is typically more than having the parts seperate, so I personally wouldn't sell it for less than 140,000r (but I also wouldn't sell it if I had it, but that's just me).
    And another thing, the price of the set will only increase with time. Ore Busters used to go for 20k-30k, but now can be seen sold for well beyond that, even at 100k or more.
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  5. Recent Auctions that you might look at as guidelines: (didn't feel like hyperlinking them, sorry)

    Full IDay set (with fireworks) sold for 95,000r:

    2014 Birthday Cakes sold for 11,000r and 10,000r respectively:

    Based on these, my prices were too high, and so a more reasonable estimate would be 125,000, give or take whatever cost you'd lose from not having the fireworks. But there's always a buyer out there, somewhere, you just have to look hard enough and ask correctly.

    Best of luck with your items!
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  6. Thanks, so would you think 80-95k starting price would be good?
  7. I sold a full set with Sword and 5 Fireworks for just under 100k
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  8. So lets see like 70k for the armor and sword + 30k for the cakes. Let me make the auction starting price 70k.
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  9. If you plan on auctioning it, I'd start at 80k, with a minimum bid of 1k (maybe more), and an end time of 2-3 days after the last valid bid (in case big bidders are late to seeing the auction). Hopefully it would end at the price you'd like it to.
    Yep. I made sure to link it in one of my above posts
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