[PRICE CHECK] 1x Broken Nether Star

Discussion in 'Price Inquiries' started by NividaEeveez_OwO, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. This Nether Star is quite rare.

    List of things you can't do with it:
    You CANNOT craft a beacon
    You can't sell it.

    http://prntscr.com/pca4r5 - You can't craft a beacon with it.

    It says you don't have enough items.

    I'm wondering how much this is considering that I might be the only one in the game that has one.

    I would think it'd be something like 500k - 600k
  2. how did you get this? was it previously renamed?
  3. It wasn't renamed I got it when I first defeated the wither. It's probably just some nbt error but I wanna know if it's worth anything.
  4. It's gotta be renamed then if it's not able to be crafted otherwise it should work. I've never seen a mob drop with any kind of error like this. As for worth, it's only worth as much as someone would be willing to pay for it. Since it would have no uses, I can't see it being as high as you mentioned.
  5. ^ The nether star is only called "Nether star" not renamed at all. But thanks for the feedback but I'm bummed that I can't sell it for much :((
  6. try seeing if it will stack with other netherstars is my recommendation
  7. Don't have other nether stars if you could supply me with one. that'd be great
  8. You can't stack them. It has 1 NBT tag meaning it has some sort of error. If you rename obsidian it gains a nbt tag. BUT when you rename it back it loses it. When I obtained it I didn't know because nbt tags were off.