[Price Check] 1.7 villagers

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  1. Hey EMC, just looking to get a price on these 1.7 villagers:
    Blacksmith with plain diamond pickaxes
    Blacksmith with all the plain diamond armour types
    Black smith with plain diamond axes and swords
    Priest villagers with 4 EXP bottle-1 Emerald trade
    I know these are rare, but I though I'd try to find a seller somewhere, already have one for the priest.
    Thank you for the feedback!
  2. A 1.7 priest villager will cost around 600k+
  3. Oh, I remember these. lol. I might have one.
  4. I have a deal with someone to buy one for 650k, tbh I shouldn't have put that on the list lol just curious
  5. Holy cow that is pricey, forgive my ignorance but what is special for 1.7 villagers?
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  6. They have trades that are no longer available since 1.8. But I am curious, how could you move them from one res to another? If you egg them wouldn't they just become a 1.9 villager?
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  7. There is a SS service
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  8. I'm gonna have to do a sort of complicated thing to move it, ./res changeowner, and then i'll have the SS move it to the res I want
  9. I have individual Blacksmiths that sell each of the diamond tools/armor you are looking for, although moving them would be expensive due to having to move numerous villagers. Also, I don't have access to a second residence so I don't think it is currently a possibility to move them. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  10. You are correct, you can only transfer the villagers same account, the way to sell villagers is through /res changeowner, and you need at least one free res. However, once I have the cash I'd give you a gold voucher in order to get those villagers