price Chech: Dc of saplings

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  1. What is a DC of saplings worth, and does the type of sapling make a difference? Any help would be appreciated :)
  2. Sorry for the title typo, working from a cell phone :p
  3. The sapling type would make a big difference.

    Oak will give you more saplings than you can ever use. Where as jungle will not give you enough to keep going if you only make the single 1x1 type. Proper facilities make a big difference with some of the trees.

    When I get my DC of jungle (enough to cover 30 reses for perspective), I'll try selling for 80-110k (I can get 67k selling to shops), oak might go for 3-6k. The other trees will be somewhere in the middle. Probably 8k for birch and spruce, 12-15k for dark oak, 13-20k for acica.. If you could find someone selling them. People don't normally stock that much at a time.
  4. Generally, the type is not a huge deal except for Dark Oak and Jungle! Those two are incredibly rare and worth about 25-35r (although rarely you can find good deals).

    The others are worth 0.25 - 5r depending on where you shop, with pine and birch typically worth a bit more than oak. Acacia can be found just as cheaply, although a few shops incorrectly put it for a high price when there's no extra work involved in getting it.