Presenting the HydroMart

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    Welcome to the official thread for the HydroMart. I like to call it, the Rise of Hydro Inc. We were officially closing down our old mall, when we had the idea of doing this. The residence is 2420 on SMP1. Our motto is "Going back to the basics."

    Now for some features.....
    - In order to sell to me, you have to PM me in Minecraft or on the website.
    - On another server and want to buy from us, without paying the extra 20r? We will send an employee with the product(s) for free! All you need to do is pay the store price!
    -We have a recycle bin that you can put your trash in and if you find anything you like, take it from there! Bin is emptied every Monday.
    -Number of torches in the building- 0. Number needed- 0. We have a glass chess board style roof, so light just flows in!
    - All profits go back into the store. Now you at least know where your money goes!

    Please ask any questions, comments, or concerns. We will answer them A.S.A.P!

    Thank you.
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  2. Going to nick your idea of having a recycle bin xD
  3. That's fine with me. :cool:
  4. Cool. Can we get pics of the design?
  5. Sure, give me a minute...
  6. Ugh have to get off, I'll do it ASAP. Im going camping soon so yeah..
  7. Sorry BeKaLuSa, I'm having some problems with getting the pictures up
  8. It's Kay, I don't mind :)
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  9. Update: We will be closed longer than expected. Our regular supplier has quit so we will need to gather some materials.