Pre-Story to my New Novel-EMC Creeper Love

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to make anther story! This story will have no lesson, it's a just a regular story. It's about creepers, we shouldn't hate them, because we should be glad they were added. Here's the real story of how they where added: One day, Notch was trying to add in pigs to minecraft, but, on accident, he added creepers instead! This is a true story. Anyways, here's the story your really here for!
    Creeper Love
    One day, a young creeper, playing EMC, was walking around. He was looking for a new friend. Then, he found someone. The name was BillyBob. (Fake Person, I made him up.) Then, CreeperLove (The Creepers Name) said this: Hi, I'm CreeperLove. I know your name, BillyBob. Wanna be friends? BillyBob's Response: No, I don't like having friends, especially creepers, they creep me out. LOL! CreeperLove felt sad, He's never asked anyone to be his friend before, it was a first, a sad first. Then, he went to a person named krysyyjane9191. (A really person in EMC) CreeperLove said these words: Hi krysyyjane9191! Wanna be friends, I don't have any. krysyyjane9191's response: Sure, I'd love to be friends with a Creeper! Also, I can help you out any time, I'm a Community Manger. CreeperLove said, "That's awesome, You deserve it with how nice you are." krysyyjane9191: Stop it, I'm blushing. Then, they both laughed. RainbowChin (A really player) was just joining krysyyjane9191 for an event they're hosting. It's the Mob Arena Event. They let Creeper be the Admin of the Event. He was so happy! He got to spawn in mobs on every round! These where the winners of each round: 1st Round: BlackKnight1021 (A really player) 2nd Round: KaylieBacon1 (A really Player), and the 3rd Round: PenguinDJ (A real player). They had an awesome time! Then, RainbowChin and krysyyjane9191 had to go. They promised they'd be back tomorrow. So, CreeperLove tried to find a new friend till krysyy came back tomorrow. I don't think he was very happy the way people where treating him..
    Hi guys! Today, I'm continuing the story!! I really don't care if I'm sick, it's not that bad. I just have a headache. Anyways, Enjoy the rest of the story. This is Part 2, maybe a Part 3 will come out..

    Creeper Love PART 2
    So, when CreeperLove tried to make new friends, nobody said yes. He was lonely. He asked 5 people. This was the person he asked: xXRosieMCXx (Made Up).
    The next Day..
    CreeprLove said, "kryysyjane9191, you're back!" krysyyjane9191 responded in a laugh, "Hello CreeperLove, any luck finding new friends?" CreeperLove responded with a sigh, "No, I asked xXRosieMCXx. She's mean, she said no, she hates creepers." krysyyjane9191 said, "Oh, yeah she's mean. We've been trying to ban her. She's a staff member, so we can't." CreeperLove responded to the comment, "Oh, Then maybe I should apply to be staff... I may be a Mob, But I can be staff too, Right?" krysyyjane9191 responded in a laugh, "Yes, you can apply for staff." So, Creeper got to be a Mod.! krysyjane9191 was so proud of him!! Great job, said krysyy. Now, it's time to get to work...
    Well, I'm going to have a Part 3 come out!! Please read it, It's coming out tomorrow! Check up, It may come out today. See y'all tomorrow.
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  2. I saw a couple of grammar errors but I give it a 3/5.
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  3. Thanks, I'm having a hard time with the grammar on my computer. It's a bit glitchy, sorry if they're grammar errors. My computers been very glitchy lately. Wouldn't get so concerned about it.
  4. Please post comments on this, I'm very upset nobody's reading this Thread, :(.
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  7. Guys, the story will have to countinute tommorow, I'm sick and am not feeling well.
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  10. Sounding good so far :p
    Like ww2fan said, there are a few grammar errors, but not many
    I'm looking forward to the rest of this!
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  12. The story just got edited, check out on it!!
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