Pre-Halloween Party!

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  1. Pre-Halloween Party! Smp9's Pre-Bash!

    Date : 10/30/2015
    Time : 7:30 pm EMC time
    Bring costumes!
    Bringing a date is optional!
    Server : SMP9

    Party is being held at /v 18855
    Come at least 10 minutes beforehand

    Things included at this party are...
    *Haunted Basement
    *Dance Floor
    *Food Court
    *Disco Ball

    Hosts of this party include...

    This party is the Smp9's Pre-Halloween Bash!
    We would be very happy to see you come!
  2. I can't wait to be there!!!
  3. Thanks, it's going to be great, I can promise you that.
  4. Sounds great! I'll be sure to be there!
  5. Hey everyone, I'm so sorry for this sudden change, but I have to move the time to 7pm eastern time!
  6. Ok, change, again, sorry, 7:30