Pre-claiming for a condo.

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  1. Hello! I am taking advanced claims for a condo on my lot. The address is 7291 and the price is 150R.
    Why 150R just for a condo? This is because once you buy it, YOU OWN IT! The condos are mainly for shop owners with no more space or people who do cross sever shopping/building on a friends lot but anyone can live here! If you own a shop and you live here, you can have a ad for 50R. You can also buy more services for a price. These will include food service, (5R per order)

    Two rooms is made, also, you can no longer buy a deck add on, since each floor now has a deck.
  2. Starting on the condos. Claim your room now!
  3. First room is almost done! Please post here if you would like the first room and then meet me at my lot with the payment.
  4. I would like to just look around the rooms and make a decision. Im there ATM
  5. Umm is S_R_L_B likes the condos, ill buy one :)
  6. He said he likes them. (But didn't buy one) I can show you the first room if you like.
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  7. Sorry updated my minecraft :/
  8. The severs updated, you can go in with 1.1 now! :)
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  9. XD I love them. O couldn't be bothered coming to it to much. But. I still gave you 150r for free. So be happy :D
  10. Wait. You didn't know the server was updated? XD
  11. I am happy! I can buy the much need cobble stone I need.(I have a gen but its slow and not that great for stuff like this.)
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  12. Each chest now has a free potion inside!
  13. 3 rooms are now done.