Pray for me plz

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  1. hello guys my name is kevin
    i have a really bad lung disease right now and i would like it if any of you would pray for me
    ive been in the hopsital 18 times in the past month and i am posting this before i go under.
    so plz pray that the surgury goes well for me

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  2. Don't worry, I'll say one for you. Hope the surgery goes well!:) I'll see you on the server once you get out! Don't eat any hospital food, it makes me sicker than what I went in for!
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  3. All will go well only if you believe. :) hope you get well soon. IN my prayers
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  4. Best of luck with surgery, hope to see you back safe and healthier very soon :)
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  5. well everyone my surgery went very well, and the first thing i did when i came through was.......
    to check my moderator application lol, but thanks everyone for your prayers :D
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  6. I feel so bad that I missed this. :(
    Well, hope you don't have any future complications. :)
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  7. Man, that sucks, Hope it goes well<3 :(
  8. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  9. guys it was a very small surgury, it took a good 6 hours and it went very fine
  10. Regardless, I do not wish you ill. It is imperative that you stay healthy, even something very small should not be taken too lightly. Be glad you made it through and be hopeful that it won't have to happen again. :)
  11. your right :)
  12. Good luck man! Hope you get better!
  13. That's quite a first post you have there. Welcome to the Empire.
  14. Oh good I was going to pray, even though I don't believe much, mainly because I lost my mum recently :( but glad atleast you got through hope to see u online!!
  15. May God be with u :)
  16. May the force be with u. :)
    I should brew him some instant health potion :)
  17. lol
    Hey make that a splash
  18. Lol. Ok splash XD
  19. Hey man even though it went fine... at least you got ice cream right? ha ha I am glad the surgery went well! Hope that you can be to your full health soon! Get Well Soon!