Pray for me please

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  1. Someone pray for me

    I need some god healing and anti puke

    Im pukeing my guts out

  2. You're sick lol
  3. Maybe you should go see a doctor or talk to your parents and see if they can do anything about it (Which will, IMO, cure your illness way faster than prayers.)
  4. Prayed for you.
    Feel better.
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  5. Pro Tip: If you're puking a lot, you're losing a lot of water, drink up. Also, go to a doctor.
  6. *Pukes guts out
    "To the internet!"
  7. I'll keep you in my prayers :)
    I suggest going on the B.R.A.T diet.




    And sprite, water or ginger ale.
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  8. Err... sleep, doctor, clear sodas?
  9. Doctor+sick person=happy,unsick person
    Still...get well soon.
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  10. Science will help you! I suggest seeing a thing called a doctor - He will most likely give you something that'll help you out much more than praying :)
  11. God has said to do everything in your earthly power before seeking his advice.
  12. Take care of yourself, Lego.
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  13. Ive take medicene and sleptalot and whats the use of a doctor when we know what it is.just the flu bug
  14. And i got ban from minecraft for a month.torture
  15. "we cant save him, but we can rebuild him!"
  16. This guy....This guy knows his stuff.
  17. I have prayed for you.
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  18. By the way, the flu probably would have wiped out the U.S.A. in the mid 1900's if it weren't for the vaccine.;)
  19. Small pox the world
  20. Right way too go Rainbow.
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