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  1. I like to see/hear people messing with others so I decided to make a thread about prank calls,
    If you know any good prank calls please post it below :)
    I like to listen to prank calls when I'm bored (lol)

    This is my cousin prank calling a random guy :)

  2. I made one up...

    me: hello ma'm / sir
    them: hello
    me: would you like to donate to the gay hand sanitizer company?
    them: no thank you
    me: the lesbian hand sanitizer company?
    them: no thanks...
    me: ok! have a gay day!

    this was acually used in real life. by me.
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  3. My friend prank called 777-7777 (jail release) and ask the # the Domino... i dont know what he was thinking.
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  5. LOL just LOL
  6. That's not very appropriate

  7. Mine is amazing :D
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  8. ruinin' the fun much :/
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  9. Ive never done this, as there is something called *Caller ID*
    But here is one
    Me: Hello
    Person: Hey
    Me: Would you like a free pizza?
    Person: Sure
    Me: I do too, unfortunately, I am not that lucky.
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  10. Just punch in *67 and the the phone number and it will hide your caller id.
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  11. What i do is : FRANK COME HOME WELL ALL LOVE YOU WE SAW THE CAMERA IN YOUR MOMS SHOWER AND ITS OK: They get really confused just keep saying it LOL
  12. Thanks.
    I should try.
    Hello Is this yo mama?
  13. I've seen it before still derpy haha :D