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  1. So I know that the PRA can be a bad word at times however, I thought of an idea.. I don't know if the PRA has been fully automated however, I think that the 100 meter radius can be a little on the short side.. Why not have the current PRA reset like once or twice a week and then setup a secondary PRA (SPRA) at like 1000 meters from central and 500 meters from NSEW in the wild that reset every 4-6 weeks or when needed.. I know that some people build close the spawns and this idea would upset them however this seems to be a proactive way of combating the grief lands with little to no need of a complete reset. Most of the communities that I know about dont fall in this SPRA area and Like I said, this is just an idea.. <,<

    Any questions/complaints about this idea?
  2. First,Please explain PRA?
  3. Periodic Reset Area.

    The priority right now should be making the PRA fully automated, but I sort of like the idea of creating a series of concentric PRAs with reset times in correlation to their size. I think the world is vast enough that we can afford to restrict a bit more space in order to maintain some semblance of purity.

    Something I've been wondering is how the PRA resets actually work. Are they simply localized rollbacks which return the chunks to their original state, meaning all the blocks would be in the same place?
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  4. Seems logic.
  5. Yes, the only way to get a new generation would be to get a new seed, which would not match up in terrain, nor can we do differing seeds on specific chunks that i know of.
  6. Why cant the mods reset the PRA?
    just install World Edit
    Select the Area
    type //chunk regen
    Expect lag for a moment( 90 seconds)
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  7. Making it a little wouldnt be so bad
  8. yeah they dont use normal bukkit plugins they use a custom craftbukkit
  9. I know.
    I'm pretty sure Justin could take that bit of code that allows //chunk regen and make a light weight version.Although i dont think WorldEdit is opensource
  10. Why is there a PRA, if it can't PR the A? So It's just a big yellow square and nothing more?
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  11. If actions speak louder than words, then the "P" in PRA may actually stand for Potential, Possible, Plausible, Presumable, Perchance, Perhaps, or even Problematic instead. I've seen posts from people who have been here much longer than I who say it's never been done.
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  12. If it can be done, I think it may NOT be done simply because; if the PRA were reset, wouldn't those chunks have all their ores that they had originally? Meaning it would all get mined again, thus quickly increasing supply on many items (because no one has to travel far now to mine it) and crash prices on said items?
  13. That actually happens every time the Wilderness is reseted.
  14. the first time a saw that abbreviation i thought they said BRA
  15. i would like for them to build a protected bedrock bridge. ( just protect it because you can ) that way no more complaints
  16. We will be fixing smp1's PRA soon!
  17. Yes it's a downside, but the benefit still outweighs the cost. I think you'll find that it's just as easy to gather resources a few thousand blocks out than next to the spawn, so I very much doubt it would have a significant impact on the economy.

    Besides, I can't imagine anyone systematically cataloging the locations of all ores and chests just so they can sneak in after the reset and take everything of value.
  18. Hey can you tell me when we are? Im not good at checking smp1.
  19. i say make the pra bigger:eek:
  20. Tuesday