PPC Inc.

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  1. PPC Inc.
    Started in May.

    PPC Inc. is a service to all empireminecraftians, to sell many different items at different quantities. Currently, the sale of enchanted pickaxes and a few items are available, but that will change in the near future.

    Our headquarters is located at smp6, /v PandasEatPotato. (I forgot the res number.)

    We support the creation of PPC Inc. shops in wild outposts. Currently, this hasn't been worked out, but it will be! Just wait. Only The New Republic hosts the only PPC Inc. shops. Check them out! :)
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  2. June 16
    I have begun to completely re-design PPC. Inc. No more "PPCE," or "PPCG." Now, every item supplied by PPC Inc. is sold by PPC Inc.

    I have also decided to begin creating seperate thread for each item sold. More info to come
  3. Bumpity bump..
    Remember-The three-day lottery does NOT start until the first ticket is bought! Be the first one there!

    To get to the place to buy tickets, you must go to smp6, then go to res number #12816, afterwards, you should be located at PPC main bases. Start going down on the main path. Go left on your 2nd left turn, then on your first left on that path, should be the PPCG building. In there, you will find the teleporter. :) Also, I will post the rules again here.

    1. The winner is chosen using random.org with the numbers 1-250.
    2. There is 250 tickets available for this lottery.
    3. You aren't guaranteed to win.
    4. Everytime a ticket is bought, 90% of that money goes to the pot, 10% goes to PPC Inc.
    5. It costs 100r per ticket. Buying more than 1 ticket is allowed.
    6. For the prize, here's an example. 20 tickets are sold. 90% of each ticket's rupees are sent to the lottery. Thus, because each ticket is 100r, 90% of 100r is 90r, 90x20=1800, and the winner receives the 1.8k.

    Because this is a three-day lottery, this lottery will only go for 3-days. The lottery begins when the first ticket is bought, and the time is recorded. 72 hours after that time, the lottery will end, tickets will be counted up, and the winner will be called.
    If all tickets happen to be sold out before the three-days are up, then the tickets will be counted earlier, and the winner will be called earlier.

    This lottery was approved by chickeneer, and this is only advertisement. As far as I know, this isn't running the lottery on the forums.
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  4. PPG Inc. is down currently, as I work out the kinks again..

    However, I will be adding another thing to PPCE soon, Repairing! I am currently working out how the prices should be, as that's a bit tricky. Anyways, for now... Bump for the love of enchanted pickaxes!
  5. This is cool good for you getting your business going Choong! I would suggest having a list of all the outposts w/ the cties that your stores are in so that everyone knows "ERMEGAWD I CAN GET IT?" :p Can't wait to see this company expand and progress.
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  6. Jeanzl2000 has been hired into PPCE Inc.!
    He will manage all enchantments, and such.
    Also, we have a new order form that you post in this thread, for enchantments. (Conversation order forms will now be ignored.)
    (This is mostly taken by KadBoy's order form, as it is very nice and orderly)

    Enchanted Item:
    Extra Info (Deadlines, and such) :
  7. Bumpity bump bump, bump bump!

    Also, i'm looking for a trustworthy person to work on my res in utopia. Here's the requirements.
    1. Must be a gold/diamond supporter, or used to be supporting those two ranks. Also, must be 250+ days old.
    For non-supporters or iron supporters, 400+ days.
    2. Must be patient, and determined.
    3. Must be ok with my stupidness.
  8. Enchanted Item:Impossibly Possible
    Quantity: 1
    Extra Info (Deadlines and such) : June 28/2013 Can you please deliver it to my res on smp4 at 9132, I put a chest for you. Also, I Payed you ahead of time, please check your rupees history.
  9. You're order has been delivered. Thank you for your purchase. :)
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  10. Is this for building, or for what? And I meet all the requirements, so I volunteer (I think I'm 500+ days old).
  11. Farming. I have a moderate sugarcane and wheat farm, and i'm hiring for people to plant/harvest the wheat, and cut the sugarcane. I'll do a convo with you about this...
  12. Bump! Enchanted picks prices has been lowered, and any feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Also, possibly looking for someone with potion knowledge. ;)
  13. 24 hour+ bump! This time, I have made sugarcane and wheat on sale! Just post on the thread with the order form listed in OP, and pay, and I shall get to work on it! :)
    (Still needing feedback though. D: )
  14. I have like 435 days I think. Over 430 I am sure of. Trustworthy.... that has to be decided by you but smp8 may sway your opinion :) and patient- I tend to go afk a lot. Does that count? Determined- Even though smp8 is dead, I'm working the best I can to make a shop there to liven up the server (since no huge shops exist there XD) (and ask Kephras about my determined stalking... but that is a tale for another time.) Ok with stupidness- I deal with myself so I got this one. :p Besides, it's not like I'll blow up the server causing mass hysteria so what can go wrong? :D
    And just thought of this: If you do potions, PPPC- Panda Potato Potion Corporation. ;)