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  1. Hey guys I'm back with well a potion business and well i need to make some money what other way is there to make money then to sell right?

    Here are the potions

    Water Breathing 8:00 Minutes (Single Chest 700 Double Chest 1399)
    Fire resistance 8:00 Minutes (Single Chest 600 Double Chest 1199)
    Swiftness 8:00 Minute (Single Chest 500 Double Chest 999)
    Swiftness II 1:30 Minutes(Single Chest 550 Double Chest 1099)
    Healing II 4 Hearts healed (Single Chest 500 Double Chest 999)
    Night Vision 8:00 minutes (Single Chest 650 Double Chest 1299)
    Regeneration 2:00 minutes (Single Chest 500 Double Chest 999)
    Regeneration II 22 Seconds (Single Chest 550 Double Chest 1099)
    Strength 8:00 (Single Chest 500 Double Chest 999)
    Strength II 1:30 minutes (Single Chest 550 Double Chest 1099)

    *NOTE* I will do splash potions of these for an extra 200r but stats may change on potions

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  2. Hey Equable :p
  3. One sc for the man here of water breathing!
  4. Ok order is currently being processed

  5. Pick up at res 3309 please
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  6. FirstJugBurgerz
    Strength, Regeneration
    SC for each
    Price: 1000
    I will try to pick them up tomorrow, but if I can't then it will be this weekend.

  7. Pick up at 3309
  8. Your name doesn't fit on access chest either get an access chest for me to put the potions in or wait till were on at same time
  9. You never have enough potions.

    Water breathing, Fire resistance, healing II, Regen, regen II, str II
    SC of all these

  10. Please... Never use that pic again (hates Spongebob)
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  11. Uh my name does completely fit on an access sign, it's 15 letters.

  12. Fire Resistance 8:00
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  13. Weird i can type it on first 2nd line but i can third line ok access chests set up for you
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  14. Orders being processed had some troubles with machine got it working now should be done in 1 hour
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  15. Pick up at 3309
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  16. Whoo! Cheap A DC of Fire resistance 8:OO min price: 1,199
    Il pick up on Monday or Tuesday

  17. Piick up at 3309
  18. Paid and pick'd up, big thanks :)
  19. Ok order being processed

  20. Pick up at 3309