Potions for hunting Withers skeletons or the Boss

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  1. Hello, my name is TFG or general, today i will begin with my auction to you peolpe, some potions that are all in two chests, Potion of fire Resistence extended, Potion of healing level 2, and Potion of swiftness extended. The acution will begin with 700 rupees, it will end when the last bidder give his amount after 24 hours of the bid, if some one bids before those 24 hours, it will continue the auction. Thanks for apporting TFG.

    2012-11-03_17.15.26.png 2012-11-03_17.15.21.png 2012-11-03_17.15.15.png
  2. wrong section
    wrong format
    1dbl chest at a time
  3. sorry my aplogise is another auction with the same items , sorry please do not bid, sorry.
  4. I'm interested in buying the swiftness and fire resistance.
  5. so go to the other auction of potions