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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kyllingman2, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. So me and my brother are thinking of starting a shop in the Empire, but instead of going to sell a ton of different items, we will specify in one thing, and we're thinking of potions. But before we would make the shop and start to make all the potions, we need to know if this would work, and if people would buy potions. If we would make it, it would hopefully be very cheap potions, it wouldn't be much more than what the ingredients would cost to buy, and cheaper if we could get them ourself. The shop itself would take some time to build, as we want to have a cool design. So please leave a comment if you would have bought potions for a fair price if we would open the shop, and if you got any, please share your feedback :) Thanks.
  2. Hi kyllingman2, I have my own potions shop on smp2 at 4062 with what I feel are pretty cheap prices. I also know rdmaster has a cheap one on smp8. Hopefully we can get a good one on each server. I sell every variety of potions, and I'll tell you it's very expensive and time consuming to run a potions shop. Especially ghast tears :/ But good luck tell me how things go.
  3. Team Up!
  4. I've decided to not do it anyways, I got some other plans in my minds. :)
  5. Alright, well, good luck with that. If you ever need potions help, you know where to go. ;)