Potion Makers of Minecraft

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  1. I am here to make potions thats right I will be selling ptions of swiftness in the new Mob arena

    Every night i will sell 10 speed potions for one round

    this is so you can run from those pigmen or whichever mob better

    the best thing is that the price of each will be around 5r and you get to keep the bottle

    I hope you will like this (BTW I will sell as available so there will be times where i cant sell due to lack of glass)

    Look for the guy in the red hoddie with yellow shorts and a CH in a yellow heart
  2. Just curious... but when havent we been able to keep the bottle? lol
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  3. I will order potions anyway, due to me being UK (The greatest country in the world! and EMC not bothering to do one in my timezone, when we founded the timezones!!) I cant play mob arena other than me staying upto 2-3am witch isnt possible with school and parents maybe in 4 year :p
  4. I have no idea bbut when you think about it its better said than some random person gives back the bottle but whatever
  5. Ok How many do you want remember only speed potions I don`t feel like going to the wild
  6. I may need fire resistance, speed, strength, potions of regen all max time!
  7. Only speed
  8. btw i sell ten per day if you get confused and i might sell an extra non peed potion here and there
  9. I may need speed thinking about it now, can I have 27? 5r each
  10. hmm ok 27 speed potions
    I shall get strait to it
    I have this dirt hut in res 16250 where you will be able to pick up your potions
  11. Okie tell me on here when done